Tools for profitable pairs trading
Cutting edge statistical arbitrage, made dead simple

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New to pairs trading?
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Worldwide exchanges New

We support 22 exchanges spanning over 13,000 tradeable assets around the world.

Find profitable pairs

Sort all pairs in the market by which ones are predicted to be the most profitable trades.

Custom alerts In development

Stay abreast of the market by setting alerts with customizable triggers so you know when to execute trades.

Tells you how to setup pair trades

Pairs Trader tells you how to construct a paired long / short position from any two assets, including which asset is short and which is long. Share sizes are determined by your trade capital and whether you want the net position to be equal-weighted or beta-neutral.

And calculates your net position

See your resulting net position, along with the expected return and holding period so you can quickly assess the opportunity.

Hard-to-measure statistics, made simple

Central concepts and essential statisitics in pairs trading are directly measured, including cointegration and mean reversion speed. All the hard work of solving mathematical models is done for you.

As well a number of other metrics

In addition to cointegration and mean reversion, Pairs Trader calculates correlation, expected time to revert to the mean, expected holding time, expected return from the trade, pair score and the quality of the model.

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